"'I Could Sing Myself to Death': An Analysis of Schumann's Dicterliebe, Op. 48, X: 'Hör Ich das Liedchen Klingen'" (PDF)

An article describing the circumstances surrounding the composition of this famous song, describing its musical and poetic structure, and providing a potential interpretation.  Includes annotated score.


"Consistent Instability in Beethoven's Sonata-Rondo Form: A Structural Analysis of Op. 106 ('Hammerklavier'), IV" (PDF)

An article describing Beethoven's combination of contrapuntal and rhetorical form in the fugal finale of the "Hammerklavier" sonata.


"The Canvas and the Paint: J.S. Bach's Fugue in C Minor, BWV 871 (From The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II) (PDF)

An article describing the relationship between small and large-scale structural elements of Bach's BWV 871.


Worlds Within Worlds: Recursive Structures in Natural Science, Cognition and Linguistics, and Their Relationship to Music Creation and Perception, Chapter 5: "Recursive Pitch Structures" (PDF)

An excerpt from Worlds Within Worlds (2015-16).  Complete text is available for download in the store.


"The Searching Questions of 'What? - and Why?': Charles Ives' Symphony No. 4" (PDF)

An overview and interpretation of Charles Ives' monumental final symphony, in a text aimed at precollege/undergraduate students.



7:59 (PDF)

As the Rock Sits in the River (PDF)

The Boy Stood Restless (PDF)

Combing Your Hair (PDF)

First the Little Squeak (PDF)

Growing Older (PDF)

In a Chain Link Lair (PDF)

In a Doll (PDF)

In a Small and Quiet Bar (PDF)

I Passed Into Dreams (PDF)

Most Things Make More Sense From Far Away (PDF)

One Second Ago (PDF)

There Is a Thing That Happens (PDF)

A Woman on the Corner (PDF)

Where Do Pigeons Go To Die (PDF)

With Every Blossoming (PDF)



Clark (PDF)

Short fiction, 2013-14.  


Paper Lyons (PDF)

Novel, 2007-2009.